A collection of digital, broadcast

and print marketing executions.

An award winning marketing/messaging strategist that draws from a deep experience national, global B2B and B2C digital, traditional communications and brand development.


St. Luke’s Cataract & Laser Institute is one of the largest freestanding ambulatory eye care centers in the United States. Our Ophthalmologists serve patients at seven west coast Florida locations including: Tampa, Tarpon Springs, St. Petersburg, Spring Hill, Clearwater and The Villages.

The main office includes a 26,000 square-foot surgical center with seven operating rooms and a twenty-bed recovery room.

Target market is male/female 50-75 years of age primarily in need of cataract removal and intraocular lens transplants. Over 1000 patients move through our health system each day. Over 300 surgical implants are performed weekly. Patients from over 77 countries are referred to this world famous medical institute in years past.

St. Luke’s also has added a two location plastic surgery to their service lines with ASC’s in both locations and a second location at The Villages.

St. Luke’s celebrated its 50th year of operation in 2018.

2019 closed with an increase of 12% surgical volume over 2018 fiscal year which closed with a 20% increase in Cataract volume over 2017, which was a 6% increase over 2016. Solid upward trend.
COVID brings uncertainty to 2020 but surgical volume in the third quarter remains at full capacity.


A 600,000 member, care and coverage company operating primarily in Washington state. Media included; regional TV, radio, OOH (billboard and transit) Banner, SEO/SEM. Cross-promotional activities such as 30min. local broadcast shows on health care), social and internal/external PA and PR oversight.

Challenge: Reverse the downward trending of non-member awareness and consideration to purchase. Research pointed to non-members not clear on services provided and some had the perception that Group Health was not the place to go if you were very sick and needed cutting-edge care.

Solution: Message depth and breadth of service, from the mundane to the esoteric, wrapped around a mantra – in life, things happen .

Results: The ongoing campaign has non-member awareness and consideration trending sharply up for the first time since 2009. Intrusive executions should mean higher awareness with less media spent and this campaign has done so with $500,000 less in yearly media expenditures.

Campaign won a regional Gold Addy and then went on to win the national Addy for broadcast within the health care category.

Provided: Authored the strategic positioning guidance internally and to the agency, as well as managed the agency relationship through concept to launch.

Oversight included all media strategies, mediums, selection of concepts and tactical directions for immediate deliverables as well as ownership of the marketing budget ($6M). Made adjustments to the campaign media buy/spend as the promotional year progressed. Also I had oversight of AOR relationships with all agencies and directed a 30 member in-house creative department that primarily messaged to the membership.

In early 2016 Group Health was acquired by long time suitor Kaiser Permanente.


Challenge: The Space Needle was in need of a refresh/rebrand of their online presence,  onsite interactive kiosks and POP signage and promotion.

Solution: Redesign, both look and feel, rethink the UI/UX , expand  navigation and add functionality to the property to bring the online experience more in-line with the actual physical experience of Seattle’s most visible tourist  destination.

Result: Within one month of launch of the new site, page visits and visitors time-on-site dramatically increased. Physical traffic to the destination increased to the point that the limiting factor to entry was and still remains; the elevator capacity to the structure itself.

Regional Addy web site design winner. I mention this only because winning best web design in Seattle, arguably the epicenter of the national digital movement is no small feat.

Provided: GM/Primary client contact. Provided branding, positioning and direction of UI/UX design. ECD oversight of nav, copy, video/motion graphics and back-end DEV for both site and interactive Kiosks and POP within the destination.



Challenge: Very early introductions of the brick and mortar Microsoft Store and online store. Client was seeing a consumer resistance to the slightly higher purchase prices of what buyers thought was the same PC models available for less online.

Solution: Message through online and store video, POP and sales staff training the advantages of buying a “Microsoft Signature” PC. A PC that had all the manufacturer’s bloat-ware removed and then tuned for performance.

Result: Sales both online and brick and mortar picked up within a month, sales staff now reports it as not an issue …and Microsoft moved past it’s 100th. store opening and counting early 2014.

Provided: GM/Lead client contact. Positioning and messaging strategies, copy/storyboard concept. Provided ECD oversight of UI/UX design, motion graphics and video team leaders.


Easily the largest scale build I’ve encountered ; uncountable number of pages, 13 Komen business group interviews were conducted via phone from Dallas. 16 one-on-one interviews were conducted on three IA working prototypes and 24 one-on-one in-depth user interviews conducted in Philadelphia, Dallas, and Los Angeles. 6 months start to finish.

Challenge: The global Komen site had grown ungainly in operation, difficult to navigate to specific sections and each business group owner had decided to sub-brand their own service, complete with their own graphic standards and UI/UX strategy. Pink was the only common thread.

Solution: Whenever there are too many cooks in the kitchen, I eat out. We allowed the end-users to speak through a series of focus groups across the country and then came back to them with 3 prototypes gleaned from their comments. Then had some frank discussions about the advantages of graphic standardization with the business group owners…

Results: Web is an organic medium that evolves. The new site now continues to get better as it grows even larger…which is a reversal of the past.

Provided: UI/UX strategies,Client contact and ECD direction to Interactive/DEV and creative team leaders.


Talking About Windows (TAW)

A B2B site designed for Microsoft sales people to educate IT professionals and partners in the attributes of Win 7 in hopes to aid in a smoother transition from soon to be non-supported older versions.

Site allowed partners, MS developers and evangelists to post videos and blog concerning Win 7 features and implementation backstories.

Windows 7 went on to become the most widely used OS planet-wide.

Provided: GM/Client leadership, copy/landing page concept and ECD oversight to DEV and creative team leaders. 


“Failure Is Not An Option” . Client had the line and a rough concept as to what FINAO should mean and an idea of selling clothing branded with FINAO online.

Challenge: Develop, convey and make tangible the concept of FINAO, the ecommerce function and the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to potential VC investors.

Solution: Create the USP concept of clothing that could be customized online with personal motivational messages printed “inside” the garments. Agency povided; branding, positioning, UI/UX design, copy, nav, photography and a canned video presentation of the above.

Result: At the time, client was sitting on a VC offer to purchase the brand and concept for $1.4M.


Rocket21 is an educational site for students in grade 6-12. The site links professionals working in a broad spectrum of jobs and professions. Students can explore careers, watch videos, follow and communicate with participating professionals and each other.

The following are explorations in collapsible UIs, navigation reorg’s and look & feels using Rocket21’s existing brand and content elements. This assignment was a design exploration to provide Rocket21 production staff inspirational directions for their future builds.

Provided: GM/Client management, ECD design and tactical oversight.


Microsoft PHP is a general-purpose server-side scripting language originally designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages. With over 20 million web sites running this free-ware, Microsoft wanted to let IT pros know it runs perfectly on Windows Server as well.

This was a Microsoft Developer and Platform Evangelism (DPE) assignment.
Provided: GM/ECD of design and copy.


Microsoft unified communications technologies use the power of software to streamline communications between people and organizations, regardless of medium, platform, device, or location.

This was the precursor to the product that was released as “Lync.”

Likely the most integrated of any campaign I’ve ever done. Naming, messaging, identity, graphic standards, localization in 8 languages, global training of field support, event launch design and logistics, web, product collateral and signage…everything.

Retained the UC account through its entire lifecycle, into Health, Industry, Government verticals and into the launching of the productized version-Lync.

Provided: GM/ECD Oversight on branding, online, copy/concept and event launch (hosted by Bill Gates), collateral, partner/field communications and localization.


Action Driving Game

Created; promotion (online and print), branding, packaging, POP, broadcast and banner. We had 3 months to deliver all elements for a Christmas release…lot’s of late nights.

Provided: ECD and client lead on this project, provided copy/concept on print, broadcast and online as well as oversight of creative and interactive team leaders.


Produced direct response TV, web site redesign and collateral for this east coast category leader in eyecare. No actors, just the real docs.

Plus an intro spot on a new Katzen sub brand “Aesthetics,” Katzen’s cosmetic surgery offerings.

Result: As of the second campaign year, Katzen achieved market leadership in Laser eye surgery within their market, passing long-time leader and earlier client, Hopkins/Wilmer Eye Institute.

Provided: Strategic brand direction, message/positioning and broadcast copy. Client lead and ECD oversight of creative, account service, interactive and DEV team leaders. Katzen was a long-time personal account that followed me through several agencies.


Broadcast campaign. Campaign was publicly billed as a television campaign to push mortgages, checking and savings. In reality, Citizens Bank was being looked at for acquisition. Ownership wanted the bank to be highly visible during that process.

Result: Citizens Bank was bought by Mellon Bank during the third month of the campaign.

I worked with Will Vinton Studios (M&M guys) for stop motion and solid-modeling animation.

Provided: CCO/ECD, Strategy, concept, copy and oversight of production.


Almost anything was fair game as a lottery game theme..our job was to generate up to 20 game themes and supporting broadcast per season.

Provided: CCO and initial client oversight. Long term, many year client.


Children’s (Wash DC) had earned the reputation as the hospital for acute care of the very sick kids. Losing out to other area hospitals on Specialty Care, Children’s wanted to message that they handle these health services for children as well.

Result: Bathroom humor. Intrusive, direct message that didn’t degrade but endeared their brand to parents.

Provided: CCO/ECD, lead creative contact, oversight of creative and copy team leaders.


“Hospital Bed” won all sorts of awards, Local, National Addys and a Clio nomination, but the reason I include it is that this spot holds the distinction of the only spot to have a higher recall than the infamous “this is your brain on drugs” frying pan spot…still holds the record today.

Provided: CCO/ECD, Client Lead, director, oversight of creative team.


Your resume is in good hands. Specialized in tech listings and one on one engagement of job seekers. Awareness for brand to induce trial.

Provided: CCO, I had pitched and won the original account and turned it over to capable hands within the creative department.


A soft-sell to media buyers and potential advertisers on a magazine that chronicles the bleeding-edge of innovation. Media buy was primarily media trade pubs.

Awareness B2B campaign, targeted to the business audience. Media buy was in national business pubs.

Provided: Client contact, ECD, branding, design, messaging strategy and copy. Oversight of production.


In a successful attempt to reach a new, younger target audience (families in their early 40s) instead of the existing older segment. This was year one on a multi-year integrated campaign.

Consumer touch-points were; sense of community, reconnecting to the family and freedom of travel.

Provided: ECD, branding, positioning, messaging, all creative, online, broadcast and print production.

Regional/national ADDY wins for campaign, plus Clio for “Turn left. Turn right. Turn in.”


Black & Decker

New brand and new product roll-out, first through trade channel, then through Big Box channels.

Result:The rollout campaign was regarded by the business press as an “American Phenomenon” growing market share from zero to 38% in less than 3 years and awareness from zero to 96%.  A required case history for Harvard Business School students and chronicled in Fortune, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal.

The campaign generated capital for R&D investment that facilitated doubling of Black & Decker’s stock.

Provided: CCO/ECD, Rebranding strategy, positioning, messaging and oversight of all creative and print production and contributed some copy/concept.


Educate unprotected,sexually active gay men that HIV/Aids testing is painless and available at no cost through KCH and their partners.

HIV/Aids testing awareness, print, online and radio. One little prick of the finger gets you tested.

Provided: ECD, client contact, copy/concept, oversight of design and interactive production.


Experiential  design requires a production staff with unique skill-sets. The final design comes from considering; cost, branding, messaging, the venue, the footprint given, the experience wanted and the ergonomic requirements of the audience that will move through it…not so simple.

Radarworks, aside from its digital communications clients also contained an “events” business. A small group dedicated to “experiential” marketing. Many times events would be combined within an integrated campaign, but in some assignments experiential executions were front and center.

Microsoft Health Services contracted with Radarworks to develop a booth and the content presentation to demo their digital solutions that help Healthcare providers move to a more connected and paperless way to conduct their business and the application of healthcare.

Provided: Thought leadership, client direction and ECD oversight of creative, event, account services and vendor team leaders.



An example of an event opener for Microsoft Connected Health. A simple found image montage with a nice VO, music track and a little compositing, projected on a 60ft. screen for 2000 people. I’ve learned a lot about what works when its the size of a house and its moving.



Various Keynote openers over several years. 2-3000 attendees all waiting to see if this years presentation will be better than last years…no pressure.

Provided: Lead client contact, ECD oversight of motion graphic and creative team leaders.